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– Early Chinese Export Ware

**On the Internet since 1998 **
Background: There are very widely available reference books today on canton, nanking, rose medallion, rose canton and the somewhat earlier rose mandarin porcelain. So I won’t go into these here except to show relatively unusual examples. The main purpose of this web page is to expand beyond the range of what is easily referenced or found today.In the examples below, the Pre-Nanking teapot is easily seen as a direct predecessor to what is known today as Nanking ware. The “Willow Platter” is the predecessor to the popular English blue willow family. The vase with cute cat handles was probably made for a special order with its fine porcelain and unusual design.

The armorial marriage plate is exceptional again due to its fine porcelain, but also to its unusual theme of two hands shaking. The barbed grisaille plate is so fine in detail that the whole center medallion looks fuzzy. Enlarged, it is indeed a self contained world in the literati scholar ideal.

I’ll be listing a few interesting items on this page to show specific points. Most of these are drawn from what I’ve sold or from my personal collection. A few are for sale. Please keep tuned if you like the subject. And of course email is always welcome whether you agree or disagree, or if you have opinions on the subject. I’ll post them subject to usual web discretions of courtesy & reasonable standards.

To view items below, click on image please:

Rare 1700s Armorial
Marriage Plate.

Pre Nanking
Teapot Lion Finial.

Rare 18th c.
Russian export
Scenic Charger

Rare 18th c.
1840 Famille Rose
Vase Cat Handles

Rare 18th c. Grisaille
Landscape Plate.

Huge 18th c.
Persian Mket Charger

1725 Blue/W
Export Deer Plate

1780 Blue
Willow Platter
I’ll be adding to this list from time to time. Please look in once in a while.

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