Stevens Williams Pink Threaded Fluted Ruffled Gold Rim Dish Plate

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A fine Stevens and Williams art glass dish with pink threading on clear and gold trimmed fluted rim.  It has a large polished pontil.  Very elegant thin glass.  
This design is characteristic of Stevens Williams, where Frederick Carder worked for about10 years before eventually founding Steuben Glass in New York State. The polished pontil from the two companies are indistinguishable.  The threading was applied starting from the center spiraling outwards.  The pink color lightens as it goes.  
You are buying one of two Stevens Williams dishs.
Condition:  Very good, no cracks hairlines, no chips, slight wear on bottom.  One pontil bubble.  
Dimensions: 6” rim diameter.                                                  
Mark:    none.
Actual cost international shipping.
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Listing is for the dish only, pictures and props not included.  Thank you for visiting ☺
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