Vintage Persian Turquoise 3 Piece Ring Earring Set 18K Gold

turquoise ring
Turquois Ring
Turquois Ring

.larger pic links above upper left     .

Beautiful matched set in Persian turquoise.  Hard to find now in matched colors this large.  Set in 18K gold, vintage weight feels good in hand.

Weight:  14 grams (0.5 oz) total including everything.
Turquoise size:  18mm x 22 mm
Ring size:  6.5.
18K yellow gold band, nice feel in the hand for weight.
18K mark on band inside.  Turquois RingTurquoise Ring

Turquois Ring
Turquois Ring 
Weight:  7 grams each, 14 grams total
Turquoise size:  15mm x 20mm

Clip style
18K yellow gold

Exquisitely made and lovely design.

EXCELLENT gift very striking !

Free domestic priority mail shipping, actual cost international shipping.  Return ok as below conditions in shipping.  Credit cards ok as below using Paypal.


Listing is for the ring and earrings only, pictures & props not included.  Thank you for visiting ☺





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