Chinese Export Blue White Nanking Warming Plate 1800s 清中期 (Cobalt)


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An excellent mid 1800s 清中期  blue white Nanking warming plate 空心盘.  Beautiful water scene.  A rare form which holds hot water inside 热水冲中间 to keep the food warm.  This is the spout:  
Lovely blue palette and flowing brush strokes, these are quite different from the recent repros.

Hard to find original old Nanking with beautiful blue in a rare form..

Note:   Color may vary a little from picture to picture due to shadows.

Condition:  Very good no chips cracks hairlines,  a couple of kiln frits, see pic.
Dimensions:  About  9.4” x 10.7″, 1.7″ height.                                               
Mark:   None.
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