1 oz 1983 South African Krugerrand Gold Coin Special Red Packet Wealth

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This is the  1 Ounce Krugerrand Coin of the old South Africa days when people wanted the security of a universal gold hedge in hand.  Obverse is bust of Paul Kruger and reverse of a springbok.  This one was minted in 1983 and it still is recognized world wide as a gold coin of choice.


  • .917 Fine Gold
  • Diameter 30.6 mm
  • Thickness 2.8 mm
  • Weight: 1 Ounce
  •      Year: 1983
  •   Comes with a Hong Kong red packet specifically for the Krugerrand
  •    Gold Chinese characters say “Krugerrand”, little wear on the paper.
  •    Embossed lucky Chinese character on the front brings “wealth”.

.  Instantly recognizable. Good value packaged in unusual red envelope.

Free domestic shipping,

actual cost international shipping.


Only use priority mail for international shipments.

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Listing is for the coin and sleeve only, pictures and props not included.

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