Antique 19th c. Chinese Women Bound Feet Silk Shoes Tiny


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This is a real relic of old hide bound Chinese tradition,  a pair of tiny shoes for women’s bound feet.  The 3 Chinese inch “golden lotus” feet was the ideal (about 4″ ).  Women sought that to marry into wealth.  As late as 1950s in the Mao era the practice continued in wealthy parts of China despite efforts by Qing, Republic and People’s Republic to ban the practice+.  (Cf.  “Painful Memories for China’s Footbinding Survivors”, just google or bing).  This is a small pair for a young girl.   Late Ch’ing (Qing) or early Republic of China period; about 100 years old.   They have been used and the cloth soles have been restitched.  Colors are still pretty good and show up better in some lighting conditions.

Please look at the pictures carefully and ask any questions and request additional pictures before bidding.  Unless there are gross errors, we cannot entertain returns due to “poor condition” or “loose threads” or words of that nature.  Keep in mind this is antique pre-owned textile not from a museum.
Size:  2 1/3″L x 1.2″W x 1.2″H .
Free domestic priority mail shipping, actual cost international shipping.

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Listing is for the skirt only, pictures and props not included. 
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