Vintage Early 20th Century Green White Jadeite Fox Animal Toggle Pendant

.          larger pic links above upper left     .

A fun 3 dimensional 19th to early 20th century (late Qing to Early Republic) jadeite toggle or pendant.  We see a cute little fox inside a ruyi arc, very nice highlights of green on the fox and elsewhere.  Good green striations front and back.  Two additional tiny foxes on the outside almost like handles.  (In Chinese folklore, the fox is an ambivalent being which can symbolize longevity, mischief, cunning, cleverness, persistence, beauty or seductiveness.  It is capable of transforming itself into human form, but often betrayed by its hidden tail. )   I can just see a country gentleman scholar ordering this custom made by his favorite jade carver who can probably earn a year’s income from it.  
Well made and classic design.  Good value.  A one of a kind.
EXCELLENT gift very classy !

Free domestic priority mail shipping, actual cost international shipping. ************************  Credit cards ok as below using Paypal.

 Listing is for the jade toggle only, pictures and props not included.  Thank you for visiting ☺

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