Imperial Russian Silver Hors d’oevres Fork, Poison Test Crown Armorial Monogram

.     Large pictures upper left of listing     .
An antique Imperial era (pre-1908) Russian silver appetizer or dessert fork with a little history. One prong of the fork on the back was coated with copper to test for presence of poison. Some of the copper has worn off.  If you have Russian relatives, or simply like Russian silver, this is a good one.
Length:  6 inches
Weight:    48 grams
Mark:  84 assay mark and district or maker’s mark (Russian standard 84 is .875 silver, the assay mark is that of 1896-98)
The 4 point crown monogram I believe corresponds to one of the ranks of Count.

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Listing is for the sterling only,  display & props not included.  Thank you for visiting ?



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