Imperial Russian Era 84 Satin Silver Napkin Ring 1896 Assay -Maker Baskakov


.     Large pictures upper left of listing     .
An 1896 Imperial era Russian satin silver napkin ring with a great geometry., kind of a flattened cylinder with the  2 ends at a slant.  Graceful floral and fruit decoration.  Fancy floral monogram in front and anniversary dates in the back.  Two 1896-98 assay marks, .875 and 84 Zolotnik.  Cyrillic Moscow maker’s mark of Pyotr Baskakov, 1883-1908.  (Russian silver standard of 84 is equivalent to .875 pure, head facing left is pre-1908, facing right is post-1908).   Nice one if you have Russian relatives or just like the silver.

Length:  about 2 1/3 inches
Weight:    38 grams
Mark:  Full Russian 84 assay and maker’s marks of 1896-98

Free domestic standard mail shipping, actual cost international shipping.  Return ok as below conditions in shipping.  Credit cards ok as below using Paypal.  

Listing is for the sterling only,  display & props not included.  Thank you for visiting ?



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