Wonderful French 825 Silver Horse Ring w Hint of Gold


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Mark:  .825.   This is a French silver standard meaning 82.5% purity.  The slightly lower silver content usually means a little stiffer metal and requires less polish frequency.  The French sometimes alloy with a little something to lend a hint of gold reflection in the silver. .      Large pictures upper left of listing     .      Very graceful horse ring from France, lovely expression.   The head shows nicely and so does the tail which spirals around to line up with the head.  This clever design makes for a one size fits all.
Very good condition.  For the equestrian, 1 of a kind.

Listing is for jewelry item only.  No props are included including chains, etc. 

You can use credit card for payment without a Paypal account.

 International shipping at cost. 

 Thank you and good luck. 

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