Fine Antique Ruby Red on Clear Overlay Glass Snuff Bottle 清末民国套料壶

red overlay red overlay

.             larger pic links above upper left         .

A fine antique crimson red overlay glass snuff bottle from the late Qing early Republic period, around 1900.  Later green composite top with excellent spoon of dyed bone.  These bottles were made in Shangtung province north of Beijing.  The bottles are then decorated (usually inscribed or carved) in the Palace workshops.  Picture above right shows a carved example.  Following the end of the Qing empire these blanks were dispersed to the market for 70 years through 1980s.  Not many left now as blanks.  Most have been decorated as Qianlong destined for the big auctions.
Size:  2.3″ x 1.5″ x 0.9″

red overlay red overlay

Old Shangtung glass has lots of bubbles.

A rare antique indeed and guaranteed to become rarer.
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Listing is for the snuff bottle only, pictures & props not included.  Thank you for visiting ☺

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